Kingdom of Caribbea

Area: 80,000 sq. mi.
Population: 4,500,000 (Orcish 40%, Goblinoid 17%, Humans 13%, Elves 11%, Dwarves 9%, Halflings 6%, Other 4%)
Exports: Iron, sugar, slaves

The Kingdom of Caribbea is a state founded from the combination of the Spanish colonies in the New World with the lands conquered by the armies of the Tenth Crusade. It is a highly diverse society that includes a number of distinct racial groups. The largest populations are the orcs, the indigenous population of the largest islands formerly known as the Shadow Marches, and the goblinoids, the inhabitants of the lands taken from the Dhakaani empire. They are ruled over by an elite human minority, which consists of both the first wave of Spanish settlers and more recently arrived armies of crusaders from many Christian lands. Several decades of good trade relations have also led to the immigration of whole populations of elves, dwarves, and other subject races of Dhakaan into the Caribbea.

Major Settlements

Santo Domingo (Large City, 30,000): Capital city, founded by Bartholomew Colombus during the Spanish-Orcish war.

Tortuga (Small City, 16,000): Pirate stronghold ruled by the Brethren of the Coast.


Kingdom of Caribbea

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